Circuit Installation and Upgrades

Did you know that many businesses are operating with outdated electrical systems? Because today’s electrical needs are more technologically advanced, businesses located in older buildings may not have enough electrical capacity to support all their computer equipment and other high powered devices. Today’s modern office includes a plethora of electronic equipment from computer towers, printers, laptops, personal electronic devices, landlines, and much more! This doesn’t even include power needed to keep the lights on, the elevators running, and anything else that relies on electricity. If your building isn’t equipped with enough power, your business is at risk of an electrical fire.

Don’t let this happen to you! Call My Buena Park Electrician Hero to schedule an appointment with a certified electrician in Buena Park to find our if circuit upgrades are needed. With upgraded circuit installation, you can focus on business and worry less about power surges, other electrical interruptions, and electrical fires.

How Can I Prevent Electrical Circuit Overload?

First, it’s important to understand how electrical circuit overloads happen. This event occurs when a circuit receives more amperage than it can handle. Overloads can also happen when wires are loose, installed incorrectly, corroded, or poorly connected. The #1 reason for circuit overloads, though, is when a device or appliance draws more power than the circuit’s maximum capacity.

In offices, many high-powered devices need dedicated electrical circuits to circumvent problems. For example, plugging a copier into the same outlet a computer tower is probably going to draw too much power. To prevent damage to these devices, they should each have their own circuit. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with constant tripped breakers and possible electrical fires.

You can avoid overloading your circuits by working closely with local electricians near you like the professionals at My Buena Park Electrician Hero. We’ll help you develop a plan for adding new electronics and provide recommendations to update and install circuits so that your company can use its electricity correctly now and in the future. Thinking forward is always a good idea when adding new circuits.

12 Great Reasons to Upgrade Circuits

  1. You have a security system.
  2. Your business or home requires specialty lighting (recessed, accent, mood, task, etc.).
  3. You want to operate all your lights from one station.
  4. You’re considering a renovation.
  5. You have a deep freeze or more than one refrigerator.
  6. You need outdoor electricity for lighting, hot tub, pool, a sprinkler system, etc.
  7. You have an emergency generator.
  8. You want to install a ceiling fan.
  9. You’re using too many power strips or extension cords.
  10. You have an above-average number of home office equipment.
  11. You want to add cable television or satellite to bedrooms.
  12. You continuously must unplug appliances so other appliances work without tripping the switch.

My Buena Park Electrician Hero is ready to go to work for you right now! Our circuit breaker replacement services for homes and businesses keep your family safe, protect your property, and help you achieve maximum energy efficiency. To ensure you property has the capacity to run all your electronics, call us today to schedule an appointment with a licensed electrician.

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