How Commercial Power Generators Keep Businesses Running

Is your business prepared if there is an unexpected power outage? Loss of power, no matter how short, can bring productivity to a halt. Installing a power generator can keep your business running smoothly and prevent lost revenue if you lose power due to weather, natural disasters, accidents, or other problems.  At My Buena Park Electrician Hero, our certified electricians can help you chose a commercial generator to meet the unique needs of your business when you’re facing an electrical emergency.

Why Your Business Needs a Generator

Power generators provide a backup power source that works independently from your regular electrical grid. Depending on the size of the generator, you can run a few basic pieces of equipment or keep full power flowing to your building. Here are some reasons companies opt for commercial generator installation:

  • Many businesses in Buena Park have power generators on standby to ensure continuous productivity.
  • Companies that handle sensitive material may be concerned about security. A generator can keep any high-tech security system functioning while protecting critical computer data.
  • Medical facilities need generators to ensure their patients aren’t compromised.

How to Choose a Power Generator for Your Business

Choosing the right-sized generator for your business is very important. You don’t want to choose a generator that is too small, but you also don’t want to waste energy on a device that is too big. Working closely with our licensed electricians is the best way to determine the right commercial backup generator sizing for you. Also, having a little knowledge about the different types is helpful too. Below is a quick look at the two kinds of commercial generators available and their benefits.

Commercial Portable Generator

  • Can be wired into a subpanel.
  • Power only essential equipment like computers, lights, and commercial refrigerators.
  • Simple, affordable backup power.
  • Do not turn on automatically. Must be started and monitored.
  • Provide electricity to 2-4 outlets or a few circuits if wired into the subpanel.
  • Must be located at least 10 feet from business in an open area.
  • These generators do pose a risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Standby Generator

  • Automatically powers on when loss of power occurs
  • Prevents downtime and increases productivity
  • Quiet operation
  • Uses natural gas or propane
  • Can power a whole building
  • Standby generators require professional installation and require a degree of hardwiring
  • Cost is substantially more than power generators

Power Generator Troubleshooting

Generators are reliable, but like any type of machinery can experience problems from time to time. Our licensed electricians are pros at troubleshooting and finding the source of problems quickly. Here are some of the most common issues that can affect commercial power generators:

  • Battery failure is the primary cause of power generator failure. Loose connections, tripped breakers, shorts, and sulfate buildup on the terminals can lead to failure.
  • Internal and external leaks can cause the generator to lose coolant. When this happens, the generator will get too hot and shutdown to protect against overheating hazards.
  • A faulty block heater is another reason that generators fail.
  • Over-fueled engines can become damaged from a buildup of carbon particles.
  • Human error is another reason for poor service. If the power generator is not on “auto” power, it won’t power on when the lights go out.
  • Generators that are not sufficiently fueled won’t work.
  • Air in the fuel system will trigger an error.

If you’re having problems with your building’s power generator, call My Buena Park Electrician Hero right away. We’ll get one of our highly-trained, certified electricians to your business to fix the problem today.

Professional Commercial Generator Installation

Commercial generators require specialized installation from expert commercial electricians. Even if you have a small business, we advise against buying a generator from your local home improvement store. Instead, call the pros with years of experience helping businesses large and small with their commercial backup power needs.

My Buena Park Electrician Hero is available for 24-hour emergency electrical service! Call today for immediate response.

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