Electricians Provide Quality Service for Older Homes

Many things were simpler years ago, including how homes were constructed. Homes were not built watertight and most electrical systems in these homes can only handle a minimal amount of current running at one time. Builders didn’t plan for a future where everything in it a uses electricity 24/7, demanding constant power. In older homes, serious problems can occur if the electrical system is not upgraded to meet this demand. A qualified electrical contractor in Buena Park, CA, dedicated to quality service can help you upgrade your home’s electrical system.

Upgrade to a Circuit Breaker

Homes built pre-1970s were designed to handle minimal power. These homes only needed a few circuits in the house to carry the electrical load. Each load was controlled by a fuse. While this set-up worked for these homes in that era, the lack of power poses problems for homeowners of these homes in today’s world. As more and more things are plugged into these circuit breakers, the load becomes too much to handle and the circuits can fail. This blows the fuse or trips the breaker to interrupt the electricity. If it is allowed to continue to flow, the wires can heat up and create a fire. Upgrading to a circuit breaker system should be a priority for any home owner.

Replace Old Wiring

Older homes were wired using aluminum wiring instead of the cooper wiring, which is safer and more efficient. Aluminum wiring has many flaws that should be addressed by a licensed electrician. Here are just a few:

  • Aluminum material has a tendency to oxidize and corrode faster that copper.
  • Connections can become loose, creating a situation where the wires can fall apart.
  • Aluminum is also not as pliable as copper and can become brittle over time, slowing the current down causing the wiring to heat up.

Homeowners that want to replace their aluminum wiring with copper will need to replace the entire electrical system because the two materials cannot be combined.

Outdated Outlets

Another problem with older wiring is that the new grounded technology will not work with older wiring and adapters need to be used. By grounding the wires, the current is transferred to safe ground outside in case the insulation fails on the wiring instead of to people. Grounded plugs are designed to carry the current along a separate wire into the ground. A grounded outlet is useless without that extra wire. A ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCI outlet takes this one step farther. A regular grounded outlet deals with the electricity in contact with other metal. But, water can carry the current to a user just as easily. The GFCI kills the power when it senses the current is moving through water and not the wires.

If your home is older than twenty years or you have frequent problems with the electricity, it may be time for an electrical checkup. An electrician at My Buena Park Electrician Hero can provide you with quality service inspecting the whole system and determine where potential problems are and the solutions for each of these problems.

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