Enhance Your Home with Light Dimmers and Timers

Finding ways to lower energy costs can be as easy as light dimmer and timer installation. At My Buena Park Electrician Hero, our licensed electricians are energy specialists with in-depth knowledge to help you choose the perfect lighting control combinations. Whether you’re aiming to create ambiance or interested in deterring criminals while you’re away, our specialists have the answers.

Types of Residential Timers

There are two categories of timers that you can choose: wall switch timers and plug-in timers. Below is a brief overview of each type and how their features may benefit you.

Wall Switch Timers

These timers are a great solution when you need hands-free operation. Many people opt to install wall switch timers in bathrooms or laundry rooms. Because many wall switch timers come with motion detection they are also ideal for porches and garages. Motion detectors sense movement and lights will illuminate when you a person is within a certain range. These timers are perfect for crime prevention, but also prevent slips and falls when walking in dark areas. Wall switch timers can also be programmed to give the impression that you are home when you’re not. You can also install a programmable timer switch with dimmer features for ultimate control over your home’s lighting.

Plug-In Timers

These timers operate like wall switch timers. They can be used indoors or outdoors, and make it easy to turn off lights and appliances. Many homeowners like to use plug-in timers during the holiday season to automatically turn on and off holiday decorations. How many times have you left holiday lights on overnight? Plug-in timers can eliminate this problem. 

Regardless of which type of timers or light dimmers you install, you’ll achieve the same results. You’ll enjoy energy-savings and you’ll never be in the dark again. To learn more about all light dimmer and timer installation, including smart dimmer plug installation, call your local, neighborhood electricians in Buena Park. The team at My Buena Park Electrician Hero is available to assist you 24/7.

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