Keep Your Family Safe with Child Proof Outlets

Every year, more that 2,400 children are seen and treated in emergency rooms for burns and electrical shocks that are the direct result of tampering with electrical outlets. Parents and caregivers who install child proof outlet covers can prevent these unfortunate accidents. Installing tamper resistant outlets, known also as TRs, are easy, inexpensive, and a lasting solution.

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Tell Me More About Child Proof Outlets

Because child proof outlets look identical to regular wall electrical outlets many people believe there aren’t any significant differences. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Child proof outlet locks are spring-loaded receptacle wall outlet cover plates that protect a home’s standard electrical outlets. Child proof outlets stop the insertion of any object that attempts to apply unequal pressure to contact points on of the receptacle.

Examples of items that child proof outlets can prevent insertion include:

  • Tools
  • Fingers
  • Keys
  • Jewelry
  • Small toys
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • And, more!

Common household items that are accessible to small children are often the items that children insert into electrical outlets. Another startling statistic to many vigilant parents is that children can gain access to these items even when adults are present.

Child Proof Outlets Are Inexpensive

It doesn’t require a huge investment to make your home safer by installing child proof outlets. TR outlets have been proven to be so effective that in 2008 the National Electrical Code required all new homes be installed with these outlets. If you have a home built before this date, you can bring it up to code for only a few extra dollars per outlet than traditional receptacles. Not upgrading your home’s outlets can put your children at risk for electrical shocks, electrical burns, and serious or fatal injuries. You can reduce these risks by calling My Buena Park Electrician Hero to install child proof outlet covers today.

Tamper Resistant Outlets – How They Work

Operating a TR outlet is very simple. You don’t need extra strength or additional knowledge to operate these self-closing outlets. Simply insert the plug as you normally would while applying pressure evenly to both sides. When a plug is inserted correctly, the receptacles cover plate opens. It won’t open if pressure isn’t evenly applied, which keeps things like pencils and other objects from being inserted.

Want to see a child proof outlet in action? Check out a virtual demonstration on the Electrical Safety Foundation International’s website.

Final Thoughts

Once you install child proof outlet covers, you can throw away those plastic plugs that you may have used to protect your outlets from little fingers. TR outlets don’t need these items and they can prevent a choking hazard.

Are you reading to install child proof outlets in your home? To make sure these outlets are safely installed, call your local, licensed electrical contractor at My Buena Park Electrician Hero. Our amazing technicians always have your best interests at heart, going above and beyond to protect your family.


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