Tips for Saving Money on Electric Work

At My Buena Park Electrician Hero, we know that electrical repair and replacement services isn’t always a welcomes expense. Unfortunately, sometimes you need repairs to safely operate the electricity in your home. If you find yourself in this situation, here are some things to consider that could end up saving you quite a bit of money.

Bundle Projects Together

Do you have several small electrical jobs that you need completed? Bundling these little jobs into a larger project may only necessitate one service call. For example, maybe you need to install a GFCI outlet in your bathroom addition, have a light switch in the master bedroom that needs replacement, and are considering adding track lighting in your kitchen. Hiring an electrician in Buena Park to help you with all of these projects at once could earn you a discount and be quite cost effective.

Consider Upgrades Now for Lasting ROI

Do you have a little extra money to spend? If so, perhaps you’ll want to invest that money in electrical upgrades like replacing old wiring or installing a second electrical panel. Investing in electrical upgrades will help you save money on utility costs, prevent unexpected repairs in the future, and can even add value to your home if you’re planning on selling in the future.

Choose a Flat Rate Price Electrician in Buena Park

At My Buena Park Electrician Hero, we save our customers money by charging a flat rate price for most repairs. We don’t charge by the hour because we know that our customers feel most at ease when they know upfront how much repairs are going to cost. Keep in mind that flat rate pricing does require an onsite assessment of the situation to determine exactly what needs to be repairs. Price quotes over the phone are not conducive to honest and fair pricing models, which is why My Buena Park Electrician always includes a free onsite estimate before settling on a price for the job.

For more money saving tips, give us a call. We can talk about what projects you have in the pipeline and send one of our expert, licensed electricians to your home to take a look today!



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