What to Do If You Have a Power Outage

Being without power for an extended time period is frustrating. It doesn’t matter if it happens due to Mother Nature or a technical problem with your electricity. It’s still an inconvenience. At My Buena Park Electrician Hero, our skilled electricians work fast to get your power restored when there are technical issues so you’re not the only one on the block without power. However, as you wait for the electricity to be fixed, you’re still going to have to grapple with no power. Here are some tips for dealing with an unexpected loss of power.

Get Prepared Now

Don’t let an outage take you by surprise. It’s true that the majority of outages only last couple of hours when Mother Nature is involved. That isn’t always the case when it comes to electrical issues that only affect your home. A major electrical problem can leave you in the dark for a while. For extended periods of no electricity (days or weeks), it’s recommended that you leave the residence. But for unexpected, short term outages make sure you have the following within reach:

  • Use a cooler and ice to keep meat, dairy, and other perishable food items from spoiling.
  • Bottled water to drink
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Chips, fruit snacks, trail mix and other non-perishable food items
  • Cell phone
  • Battery-operated portable charger to keep your phone or tablet charged

Should I Light Candles?

Candles can make an inconvenient situation a little more fun, but they can be a fire hazard. The last thing you want is to have a house fire because a candle was knocked over.  If you want the look of candles without the risk, consider keeping battery-operated candles on hand.

Tips for Protect Appliances Before Power Is Turned Back On

As soon as you lose power, we recommend walking through your home and unplugging any appliance or device you don’t want to be damaged. When electricity is restored, this can create power surges. The spike in power can deliver too much voltage to your delicate devices and end up damaging them. Devices and appliances on surge protectors may be better protected, but we still recommend unplugging surge protectors too.

You Can Prevent Unwanted Power Outgages

No. You cannot prevent power outages that come from downed power lines or problems at the electric company. What you can prevent is electrical problems that get out of hand and lead to a complete loss of power. If you notice that your lights are turning off on their own or that you’re constantly visiting the breaker box to flip a circuit, your electrical system is trying to communication with you that something isn’t right. Pay close attention to these signs and get in touch with an electrician in Buena Park right away.

My Buena Park Electrician Hero proudly serves the community of Buena Park, CA, 24/7. We’re available at your convenience to assess electrical problems and make recommendations for repairs.


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